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Malcolm CasSelle is an international entrepreneur and current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc.

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Previous work

Prior to tronc, Inc., he was Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media of SeaChange International. He joined SeaChange International in 2015 as part of the company’s acquisition of Timeline Labs, where he served as CEO.

And before that, Malcolm led startups in the digital industry, including MediaPass, Xfire and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China.

Malcolm formerly served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media of SeaChange International. Preceding SeaChange, he was CEO of MediaPass, an online paywall solution designed to generate subscription-based revenues for digital content.

Malcolm also served as CEO of Xfire, a global social network for core video game players with over 22 million registered users.

As director of Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments, he managed private direct investments into late-stage web companies.

Malcolm was also a top executive at Groupon’s joint venture with Chinese instant messaging and gaming giant Tencent.

Malcolm Casselle co-founded NetNoir, the first outside company to be accepted into the AOL Greenhouse Program, and Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a publicly traded telco service provider based in Hong Kong.

MIT days

During Malcolm’s time at MIT, he was not only focused on getting his degree in computer science and building fluency in Japanese, he was heavily involved in sports (crew, tae kwon do, downhill skiing), student government at his fraternity Theta Xi (treasurer and coordinator for events), volunteerism (big brother/big sister), and managing technical customer support at Project Athena, at the time the largest computer workstation network in the world.

Over four year, Malcolm also participated in the undergraduate research program, becoming certified on an electron microscope by age 17, and each semester took on different research projects. One project was performing experiments on semi conductor production in association with Bell Laboratories and another involved using lasers to melt silica and titanium for advanced materials testing for the Department of Defense. These experiments created a mindset of exploration, solving hard problems for which no clear path to an answer had be devised, and innate curiosity.

Research Initiatives at MIT, Bells Labs, NTT (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph), Stanford University and Apple Computer

During his summers while at MIT, Malcolm worked at Bell Laboratories, first focused on semi conductor manufacturing techniques to reduce failure rates and increase quality and then writing software that wrote other software (meta programming) in coordination with his undergraduate thesis. His research work at MIT was on large scale distributed systems at the MIT Lab for Computer Science with Professor Anant Agarwal. After attaining fluency in Japanese, Malcolm spent a year in Japan and working at NTT on meta software in distributed system environments.

This is the basis of client / server architecture used today in standard Internet applications. Once returning to the US and doing a masters at Stanford University, Malcolm was focused on a masters thesis in distributed architecture, while also studying Chinese language and taking business courses. He won a grant from Apple Computer to pay for his graduate education, and while at Stanford, worked at Apple Computer. He was focused on the new Power PC Intel chip architecture for the new line of computers Apple was producing at the time. 

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