Malcolm Casselle on Fake News

One of the biggest problems facing media today is the use of Fake News to generate traffic and to increase the revenue of a site. This is a problem that all of the media industry is trying to combat today and even the White House and our President have been commenting on how bad the fake news pandemic has become.

Even Malcolm Casselle has been the target of fake news. There are a number of websites out there with fake news and fake documents that proclaim to prove one story or another and each of these documents have been show to be fake and some have been planted. We have even seen a “investigative reporter” put out a negative news story about Malcolm Casselle in order to hurt him. These are the types of problems that the news media and social networks must learn how to deal with these issues. There are a number of ways they can deal with these issues either via technology or by an increase in regulation and legal action.

Malcolm Casselle busines leader

Malcolm Casselle, businessman, leader, visionary

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