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What are the important things about cryptocurrency is that this is a dynamic and changing environment for everyday users. One of the things I would like to teach Everyone by creating this page is that as long as you know what cryptocurrency is and the different versions of cryptocurrency you can be well informed and make the correct choice.

Now I’m going to create a series of Articles and post them here that will discuss the different aspects of cryptocurrency, the different types of currency, wallets that you can use with this, and other subjects set relate to the new world.

Something you should know is that if you do not think you need to be worried about cryptocurrency or Bitcoins or zcash or any of these things you’re wrong because the world is changing quickly and this is one of the fastest-growing economies that there is and the internet world.

Here are a few articles to start you off with the world of cryptocurrency:

Malcolm Casselle’s Bitcoin report for October 2017

Bitpay wallet guide

Coinbase wallets

Mycelium wallet for your cryptocurrency


Payza cryptocurrency

Digital Cash

Ethereum Classic

Bitcoin traders

Japanese Bitcoin Market

Bitcoin prices

Bitcoin secrets

How to accept bitcoins


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