Malcolm and PCCW

My time at PCCW   It’s funny because you never know who you are going to meet. I ran into a guy on the street in Hong Kong while visiting there from Tokyo where I was living at the time. That guy, Kenny, introduced me to my first business partner at NetNoir, the guy who […]

My time at NetNoir

My time at NetNoir   At the time when the Internet was just barely entering mainstream awareness, America Online (AOL) was the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that put the concept of “online” in people’s minds. AOL then decided to invest in content to further stimulate consumer demand because at that time, there was not much […]

Blockchain Exchange

Reposted from BlockTribune   Gaming The System – Blockchain Exchange Allows Gamers to Trade Items Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation, Investing, News | August 18, 2017By: Bruce Haring William Quigley is the CEO of OPSkins, a leader in the virtual goods marketplace. Based in Montreal, OPSkins is a long-established escrow system for the sale of virtual gun designs, also known as skins, earned from playing such […]

So, what is Zcash?

Wallets arrive in both desktop and cellular forms. Employing different pools like you are going to want to have a wallet. There are numerous forms of wallets offered that you download to hold your Zcash. Internet Wallets Are the quickest way to begin accepting Zcash. It’s going to be very challenging for Zcash in […]

What is Ethereum Classic

When you have a gaming PC then it’s probable you won’t even must purchase anything so as to begin mining Ethereum on your present PC. So regarding overall efficiency, considering electrical expenses, a GPU is definitely well worth it even if it costs you $200. This normally occurs when you have an integrated GPU in […]

What is Monero?

  Litecoin has existed for awhile. China isn’t a cooperative nation. Microsoft is no doubt, among the most prosperous businesses on earth. to. Also, stealth addresses keep everybody’s balances private. This obscures who the true sender was. If you prefer to keep an eye on your rigs you are able to utilize Monero Mining Monitor. […]